When: from 15 May to 15 September 2019, from Monday to Friday 9.30-12.00, Sunday 9.00-12.00.

Where: Museum of the Armed Forces 1914-1945, via del Lavoro 66, Montecchio Maggiore (VI)

Distance from Residence La Mason: 9 km, 12 minutes.

An exceptional exhibition at the Armed Forces Museum

This exhibition aims to investigate the topic of honor: a concept that can sometimes sound obsolete, but that actually still moves our lives and our strongest feelings.

Until fairly recent times, the most popular way to defend the offended honor and respectability was the duel, a consensual and pre-established form of fight. The duelists hardly ever intended to kill the other: they only aimed to highlight their superiority over the adversary and to prove that their honor was more important than their own safety. For this reason, the duel was often avoided with a reconciliation of the last second or stopping at the “first blood”. Furthermore, white weapons (with blades, points or blunt instruments) were preferred over firearms, almost always lethal.

“In the name of honor” therefore proposes to the viewer an excursus that exposes the concept of duel and its instruments through the centuries. The exhibition presents many pieces of inestimable historical value, coming from all over Italy; in particular, you can see various pairs of dueling pistols, which were only allowed to “godfathers” to guarantee the duelists. You will also see the blades used in the last honor duel fought in Italy: known as “the duel of the century”, this clash, fought in 1922 between two masters of fencing, Aurelio Musumeci Greco and Candido Sassone, caused a sensation even outside Italy. Furthermore, we also have a filmed document of this duel.

The entrance to the exhibition is free and reservations are possible for groups even at different times to the scheduled opening hours.