Soave is a small town in the province of Verona, 15 minutes far from our residence. It is easily accessible via the A4 motorway, going towards Milan-Venice and taking the Soave-San Bonifacio exit. This picturesque village offers a real dive into the past: the Scaliger Castle, entirely open to visitors, overlooks the town and the historic center, surrounded by fortified medieval walls.

The combination of these elements paints an enchanting panorama, admirable from our residential apartment located in front of Porta Verona, one of the entrances to the historic center.

Events and Parties

Soave is famous for the production of the homonymous wine; it is in fact home to numerous events such as “the Soave white wine festival“, which takes place on the third Sunday of May. During the event it is possible to attend performances of different medieval games and the historic investiture ceremony “Castellane di Suavia“.

Another event is that of the “Soave Versus“, in which you immerse yourself in the world of food and wine, deepening some aspects such as history, socialization and tastings could not be missing. The celebrations extend throughout the province, even in the center of Verona, and generally begin in late August and then end in early September.

Finally, since 1929, the “grape festival” is celebrated on the third Sunday of September in Soave, accompanied by tastings, local flavors, culture, history and music.

The Soave production area is located in the eastern part of the hilly arch of the province of Verona; the Soave Wine Route corresponds to a route of about 50 kilometers, which winds through vineyards, villages, parish churches and castles. This road passes through thirteen municipalities, interested in the Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC) and embraces the most popular wineries for the production of Soave. The whole itinerary is marked with signs to be able to follow it.

A town rich in history and events, to be experienced and savored!


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