Where: Piazza dei Signori, Vicenza

Distance from Residence La Mason: 24 km, 27 minutes.

Vicenza, VI, Italy – 20 May 2016: Piazza dei Signori

Piazza dei Signori is the heart of the city of Vicenza. Since its construction, it has been the main business center of the city and was used as a forum and market place.

On each side, the square is surrounded by stunning buildings: along one of the larger sides it is possible to admire the majestic Palladian Basilica and the Bissara tower, one of the tallest and most fascinating buildings in the city: on the top, an amazing 1300 clock, a real jewel of mechanics and astronomy, stands out and, in addition to indicating the hours, it marks the phases of the moon too. On the opposite side, instead, you can admire the Palazzo del Capitanio with its beautiful loggia, work of Palladio and built between 1571 and 1572, and the Palazzo del Monte di Pietà, built between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries.
In more recent times, several bars, ice cream parlors and shops have gathered around the square.

An unmissable place

This square is undoubtedly a unique place. It is the center of the city and, even with its secular buildings, it changes constantly: depending on the season in which you visit it, or on the time, you will find it different every time.