When: from 14 July to 20 August 2019, 21.15

Where: Lonigo and sorrounding places

“Lonigo Postounico” is a cultural summer festival which aims to combine music and cinema with the architectural beauties of Lonigo and the neighboring municipalities. Every evening is hosted in a different place: Villa San Fermo, Piazza Garibaldi, Villa Trissino, Villa Pisani Bonetti and many other extraordinary locations. In July and August, you can enjoy evenings dedicated to music and cinema, and at the end of each show there will be a gastronomic moment when you can taste wines and typical products from Berici.


Scheduled events in July


Sunday, July 14th, Villa Trevisan (Alonte)

Micol, Arpa Rock

At 9.15 pm, admission € 10

Micol Picchioni, the only “rock harpist” in Europe, is known for her original music. With her harp, an ancient instrument, she will perform some rock and pop songs: from Led Zeppelin to Nirvana, from Genesis to David Bowie, going through Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson and Coldplay.


Tuesday, 16 July, Convent of S. Daniele (Lonigo)

Prendi i soldi e scappa (Take the money and run, comic/detective, directed by Woody Allen, 1969)

At 9.15 pm, free admission


Saturday, 20 July 20, Villa Piovene Porto Godi (Villaga)

Elena Ledda, Làntias

At 9.15 pm, admission € 10

Làntias, which means “light” in Sardinian, is the new musical project with which Elena Ledda tells about her land. Her songs are rooted in popular tradition, but they also recall religious festivals and peasant wisdom. Ledda’s music is accompanied by the reading of texts in Sardinian.


Tuesday, 23 July, Villa San Fermo (Lonigo)

Io, Daniel Blake (I, Daniel Blake, drama, directed by Ken Loach, 2016)

At 9.15 pm, free admission


Thursday, 25 July, Villa Mugna (Lonigo)

Les Babettes

At 9.15 pm, admission € 10

Les Babettes is a Triestine vocal trio. Anna De Giovanni, Chiara Gelmini and Eleonora Lana revive, with their elegant and refined voices, great classics of the thirties and forties’ swing.


Saturday, 27 July, Villa Trissino (Meledo di Sarego)

Inside Job (Documentary, directed by Charles Ferguson, 2010)

At 9.15 pm, free admission


Tuesday, 30 July, Piazzale della Chiesa (Monticello di Lonigo)

Febbre da cavallo (Horse Fever, comedy, directed by Steno, 1976)

At 9.15 pm, free admission


Scheduled events in August


Tuesday, 06 August, Corte de Peri (Madonna di Lonigo)

Il vedovo (The widower, comedy, directed by Dino Risi, 1956)

At 9.15 pm, free admission


Friday, 09 August, Piazza Santa Savina (Alonte)

La grande scommessa (The big Short, biographical/comedy /drama, directed by Adam McKay, 2015)

At 9.15 pm, free admission


Tuesday, 13 August, Villa Pisani Bonetti (Bagnolo di Lonigo)

La stangata (The Sting, comedy, directed by George Roy Hill, 1973)

At 9.15 pm, free admission


Tuesday, 20 August, Piazza Garibaldi (Lonigo)

Per qualche dollaro in più (For a few dollars more, western, directed by Sergio Leone, 1965)

At 9.15 pm, free admission


Tickets can be purchased at www.geticket.it, at the Bettini travel agency (Piazza Garibaldi 43, Lonigo), at the Rizzi stationery shop (Piazza XXV Aprile 15, Lonigo), or at the concert venue two hours before the starting time.

For more information, please visit the official website.