For bicycle lovers, but also for the less experienced, we recommend a gentle ride along the cycle path on the banks of the Chiampo stream

Directly from the Residence, using your own bike or renting one of ours, you can reach the cycle path in 1 minute. You can choose two directions: on the right you continue towards Soave (nearing completion), on the left you go to Chiampo.

Direction Chiampo:

The whole route runs along the Chiampo stream and was built on the top of the embankment. After a first stretch that will be completed shortly, you reach the town of Montebello and you can admire the Castle of the Maltraversi that overlooks it. After passing the town, a short stretch will skirt the provincial road and it will be necessary to cross it (being careful), to continue pedaling inside the reservoir.

full basin on 2010

The dam is used during the violent rains, filling the basin

The basin of the Chiampo and Guà streams

On the right you can admire the large 1.5 km long dam built in the years 1926 and 1927 to protect the population from the many floods and the continuous overflows of the Chiampo and Guà streams.

long Chiampo embankment

embankment with lush vegetation

The wild stretch

Here you will find the only climb of the entire route, about 20 meters long, which will take you back to the embankment. The most evocative stretch of the entire cycle path begins: a long avenue with “wild” trees on the sides and the water on your left that gently flows over the stones. On the sides of the paths in some places you can still see the old stones that indicated the places of the locks, used in the past by farmers to irrigate the surrounding fields. It is surprising how quiet you feel, if you consider that a busy and main road runs beyond the stream for the inhabitants to travel to work.

Arriving in Arzignano

After about 10 kilometers you will reach the city of Arzignano, with its ancient castle and the famous bird fairs on April 25th and the saints on November 1st. Continue in the “right Chiampo” car park and then with a modernized wooden footbridge, cross the stream and continue towards Chiampo.

The cycle path leaves the chaos of the provincial road to skirt the watercourse in the middle of the green. Unfortunately the last 3 kilometers abandoned this quiet as they skirt the industrial area of the town.

grotta lourdes

the grotto of Lourdes in Chiampo built by Blessed Claudius

But the arrival is worth the journey: the famous Lourdes grotto of Chiampo.

Made of concrete and iron in the image and likeness of the French structure of the same name, it was designed by Blessed Caudio Granzotto in 1935. He himself prophesied “This cave will become a place of prayer and many people will come here ..”. Here stands the church of the Pieve, dating back to 1200 and subjected to numerous renovations over the years. Seat of Franciscan friars, every year it welcomes pilgrims from all over the world who seek contact with God. The Via Crucis is evocative, in the middle of the park and with numerous statues representing the path of Christ.

The return trip

Now is the time to return, retracing the road in reverse and enjoying the gentle descent that will accompany you throughout the journey.

15 km long route, 30 km total for round trip. 
Total walking time: about 2.5 hours

Aerial view of Contrada Mason

Residence la Mason and fields arround